Кейма производителей

Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF) Enfield

[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] First style Enfield roundel used on M-H MkI, 1872
[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] Second style Enfield roundel, used on M-H MkI, 1872
[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] Third style Enfield roundel used on M-H MkI, 1873
[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] Fourth style Enfield roundel, used on late MkI's and later mark M-H's
[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] Enfield roundel seen on some 1896 manufactured M-E's
[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] Enfield roundel seen on late model M-E's. Adopted as the standard Enfield roundel

The meaning of "RM" is unknown, but many hold it to mean "Royal Manufactory"

Birmingham Small Arms and Metal Co.
(BSA & M Co, BA & A Co, BSA & A Co)

[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] This roundel was used exclusively on the M-H MkI
[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] Roundel seen on the M-H MkII and later manufactured by BSA & M Co.
[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] This special BSA roundel is noted only on the pattern arm for the M-M MkI rifle made for Western Australia

Henry Rifled Barrel Company
(HRB Co)

[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] This roundel is seen on M-H rifles and carbines made by HRB in the early 1890's and on some Metford conversions
[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] Later version seen on M-E Carbines

London Small Arms Company
(LSA Co)

[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] Oddly, LSA's early roundel featured the year of manufacture. Notice the city of manufacture is indicated, but the manufacturer code/initials for LSA is not
[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] LSA's later style roundel pictured here. Note the omission of the date of manufacture

Birmingham Repair Facility

[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] Weapons serviced at the Birmingham Repair Facility will bear this marking on the buttstock. Notice again a year stamp. This is believed to be the year the repairs were made to the weapon
[url]http://www.gunproofmarks.ru/[/url] Note the later Birmingham Repair roundel omits the center "WD" marking in accordance with a directive to remove this marking from government stores