List of Some British Gunmakers

This list is compiled from various sources, such as Directories, Patent Records, books, etc., and gives merely the date at which a certain maker was at work. It does not necessarily mean that this was the first decade of his existence, and is compiled merely as a guide to the approximate dating of old weapons.

Joseph Adams, Birmingham1770
Thos. Archer, B'm'gham1780-1812
Thos. Addis, London1632
J. Aspinal, Birmingham1812
S. Anens1690
Thos. Allport, Birmingham1812
Jacob Austen, B'm'gham1689
Robt. Bagnall, B'm'gham1770
Barber, London1760
Bunney, London1720
Barbar, London1705
Barbar and Harris, Birmingham1770
Thos. Bays, London1785
Isaac Bissel1780
Wm. Bourne, B'm'gham1689
John Borle1770
Bidet, London1790
Chas. Byrne1772
Philip Bond, London1776
Blair, Birmingham1790
Wm. Bond1812
Brander, London1637-1850
Thos. Bridgens, Birmingham1770
J. and R. Brooks, London1686
Thos. Brielton1770
R. Burrows, London1632
Joseph Bunney, Birmingham1770-1812
John Bagley, B'm'gham1812
Thos. Bate, B'm'gham1812
John Bingham, Birmingham1812
Blair and Co., B'm'gham1812
R. Bolton, Birmingham1812
Richard Boot, Birmingham1812
Clemson, Salop1740
Collumbell, London1743
James Cash, B'm'gham1801
Collier, London1818
Thos. Crodler, London1661
Thos. Capner, Birmingham1812
Wm. Cheshire, Birmingham1812
Cooper and Banks, Birmingham1812
Wm. Dawsten, London1632
John Dunn, B'm'gham1770
Dylaney, London1700
Drury, Liverpool1780
Daniels, Cross and Co., Birmingham1812
Davidson Duncan1812
Wm. and Sam Dawes1812
John Dutton1812
Mabson, Labron, Dunderdale1812
Edge, London1759
John Eginton1801
B. Egg1750
Durs Egg, London1785 & later
Field, Aylesbury
Freeman, London1700
Wm. Guice, B'm'gham1770
Wm. Graves, London1632
Thos. Gal ton, B'm'gham1780
John Jonas
Wm. Tones
Wm. Jover1775
Т. Ketland, B'm'gham1750-1829
Ketland and Walker, Birmingham1750-1829
Ketland, etc., Birmingham1750-1829
Thos. Lane, B'm'gham1770
D. McKenzie, London1720
John Manton, London1797
Joseph Manton, London1766-1835
Mewis and Moseley, Birmingham1790
Mortimer, London1789
Moore, Birmingham1689
H. Martin Muler, London1685-89
Sam Mayo, B'm'gham1812
John Green1775
Griffin, London1796
Sam Galton, B'm'gham1812
Tom Gill, Birmingham1812
Ben Griffiths, B'm'gham1812
A. Hall, London1664
Gilbert Hadley, Bristol1741
H. Hadley, London1789
Thos. Hadley, B'm'gham1770
Abraham Hill, London1664
Jos. Hi eking, B'm'gham1770
John Hunt1770
Lord and Hutchinson
Heeley, Birmingham1790
Hutchinson, Dublin1775
Hampton, Birmingham1812
Heathcote and Evans, Birmingham1812
Thos. Henshall, Birmingham1812
Wm. Howell, B'm'gham1812
Geo. Jackson
Henry Morris, B'm'gham1812
Joan Moseley, B'm'gham1812
Thos. Moxham, Birmingham1812
Henry Nock, London1775
Samuel Nock, London1812
Nock, Jover and Green, London1775-80
Newton, Grantham1776
John Norcott, London1632
John Onions, B'm'gham1770
John Osborne, B'm'gham1770
Joseph Oughtom, Birmingham1780
Page, Norwich1776
Parkes, Birmingham1770
Parr, London1750
Puckie, London1718
Parrett, Salisbury1760
John Pasmore, London1640
Wm. Perry, B'm'gham1780
Prosser, London1770
Thos. and Chas. Probin, Birmingham1770-1812
Radoc, Norwich1590
Richards, London1700
Thos. Richards, Birmingham1770
John Richards, Birmingham1770-1812
Westley Richards, Birmingham1820
Redfern, Birmingham1790
Henry Rowland, Birmingham1632
R. Rowland, B'm'gham1718
Ryan and Watson, Birmingham1780
Reeves, Birmingham1812
Reddell and Co., Birmingham1812
Thos. Reynolds, Birmingham1812
Joseph Such, B'm'gham1812
L. Tanner, London1795
Templeman, Salisbury, Wilts1789
Tatnam, London1800
Ed. Taylor, B'm'gham1770
E. Tilly, London1690
Thomas, Birmingham1790
Tow, London1789
Twigg, London1782
Truelock, London1667
S. Turner, London1776
W.Thompson, Birmingham1812
Ed. Timmings, Birmingham1812
John Turner, Birmingham1812
Wm. Walsingham, Birmingham1770
John Watson, London1632
John Richards, Birmingham1812
Theo. Richards, Birmingham1812
W. J. Rolfe, B'm'gham1812
James Rose, B'm'gham1812
Robinson, London
Wm. Staples, B'm'gham1770
Sharpe, Birmingham1730
Joseph Simmonds, Birmingham1812
Shirts, London1795
Smart, London1800
John Southall, Birmingham1770
John Sharpe, B'm'gham1812
John Smith, B'm'gham1812
Joseph Spencer, Birmingham1812
John Waters, B'm'gham1770
Tom West, B'm'gham1689
John Welch, B'm'gham1770
Richard Weston, Birmingham1689
Willets, Birmingham1769
Wogdon, London1770
J. Whateley, Birmingham1770
Robert Wheeler, Birmingham1770
Richard Wilson, Birmingham1770
Ben Williams, B'm'gham1770
Walker, Birmingham1790
Wicksted, Fenchurch St., London