Lithgov Small Arms Factory
Serial Numbers
(серийные номера)

Normally stamped on receiver ring (where barrel screws in) and on R/H side of barrel knox form. Also can be found on flat on rear of bolt, on nosecap bayonet boss, under back sight leaf and on front underside of forewood. Assembly Number can be found on the stock and on the rear top face of the receiver socket beside the cocking piece (special purpose rifles use this number as they do not have a normal serial number). Up until the beginning World War II bayonets were often serial numbered to the rifle with the number stamped on the pommel.

00001 to 99999(1913-1918)Manufactured Lithgow SAF
A00001 to A99999(1918-1920s)Manufactured Lithgow SAF
B00001 to B99999(1920s-1941)Manufactured Lithgow SAF
C00001 to C99999(1941)Manufactured Lithgow SAF
D00001 to D99999(1941-1942)Some manufactured in Orange SAF-3
E00001 to E99999(1942-1944)Manufactured Orange SAF-3
F00001 to F39580(1944-1945)Manufactured Orange SAF-3
F39581 to F40580(1953)Manufactured Lithgow SAF
(machinery trials)